Become Part Of An Army Of
Unbreakable Women

Now the rubber meets the road – you need to make decision that the time is now! During this program you will be supported. You will be part of an unbreakable army of women who are, together, ready to toss their hats in the ring and say, “I’m ready to change for good! I am willing to not only commit to consistent action, but also to persistent action.” My battle cry is, “I will not be stopped!” My mantra for lifelong success, “I am going to fall back in love with myself.”  Are you willing to part with old habits in order to get what you want? Take a moment. Think. Are you willing to sacrifice one hour of television to workout or prep your food? Are you willing to have an open mind and try something that is out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to move beyond an old habit to move toward your goal?

Success Doesn't Happen Accidentally

Success doesn’t happen accidentally, it’s earned. You will need the right tools and systems to make this sustainable. Lean & Sexy will teach you to live life on your terms. You will get down to business and fall in love with yourself, the whole package! Be prepared for some hard work that will feel amazing upon completely each milestone. We are going to not only work on the outside, but the inside as well. We are going to get your head on straight, screws tightened. You will take action with every step to look and feel your best.

Don’t Take My Word For It

“Kim takes people at face value with no judgments. She is very goal oriented which rubs off on you. She makes those around her feel better.” - Melissa K.
"Kim is a fantastic trainer! She listens to what kind of results you want, and tailors a workout to your personalized needs and level of fitness.  She always finds a way to keep you engaged and change up the routine. I always leave my workouts feeling energized and like I did something! I highly recommend her, especially if you want to see results!” - Keely C.
“Kim’s best quality is her "realness".  She doesn’t sugar coat it. She shares her struggles-that makes others realize struggles are part of the process and it's ok. She is always lifting others up. Kim don't condemn for fallbacks, she just encourages you to control what's possible – the “now.” She has an amazing wealth of knowledge. One can tell Kim loves learning about health & fitness.”- Catherine S.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

  • Food and emotion journal
  • Monthly workouts
  • Monthly recipes
  • Monthly nutrition challenge
  • Virtual coaching
  • 2 monthly phone calls -- Platinum level

I look forward to personally guiding you in the coming months.

Yours in fitness,

Kim Barnes Jefferson